Bisabolol Relief Lotion

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Due to influences of the external environment, the skin is easily to be lack of water and have dryness and thick cuticles. Lotion is able to supplement a great amount of water and soften cuticles and moisturize the skin, helping maintain the health of cuticles.


Main ingredients: bisabolol, aesculus, hamamelis virginiana, barley, dipotassium glycyrrhizate, glutathione, menthol, vitamin E, zinc phenolsulfonate, and isopropyl methylphenol.

Function: sooth and nurse the irritated skin and maintain the healthy skin.

Features: especially designed for the skin with coarse textures, the lotion maintains a regular cycle of metabolism and sooths, moisturizes, nourishes, and maintain the healthy skin.

Suitable for: moderate and dry skin.



After washing the face, apply proper amount of the lotion to the face.

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