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  Blue copper peptides provide blue diamond level skin care. Water-blue crystals are a highly pure component of this anti-aging essence, and effectively smoothes wrinkles turning your age back years.

Currently, blue copper peptides are the best anti-wrinkle skin care product available. Blue copper peptides are grafted to copper ions, turning it a beautiful water blue and increases your skins activity allowed better absorption.

Blue copper peptides are a great help in anti-aging and anti-wrinkle skin care.

Blue Copper Peptides Effects:

  1. Firms skin, smoothes fine lines, and fade wrinkles
  2. Repairs skin
  3. Helps revitalize skin
  4. Improves relaxation

Functions: Activates deep layers of skin and forms a protective film over the skin's surface, enhancing the defenses against environmental damage, with good anti-aging, anti-wrinkle effects, improving skin elasticity and lightens.

Usage: Mix with skin care essences or serums to improve the efficiency and concentration of pure anti-aging essences.

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