GHK-Cu Revitalizing Serum

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Key Features

GHK-Cu Revitalizing Serum 

The most effective anti-aging essence 

Solve the aging problem and promote the overall texture of the skin at the same time

Double GHK-Cu provides the most effective effect of thorough repair and anti-wrinkle 
Upgraded GHK-Cu Revitalizing Serum increases the percentage of GHK-Cu to improve the abnormal metabolism caused by aging through deep repair and bring tender texture 

Upgraded ingredients help moisturize the skin with anti-aging effect
In addition to Hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, the Serum also adds “Ceramidea”, which helps moisturize the bottom of the skin, replenish water, and lock up the internal moisture to maintain the high-density watery skin 

Fight against dullness and build the brightening skin
The Sedum not only has the effect of moisturizing and anti-wrinkle, but contains “Immortelle”, which targets the skin with dullness and revitalizes the texture with brightness and clearness .


Activates your skin to enhance its protective properties against the invironment, while preventing the aging of the skin. It also smoothens wrinkles, whitens, moisturizes, softens and tightens your skin; allowing your skin to return to the state of youthfulness.


After applying toner, apply an appropriate ammount on your face.

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