Golden Placenta Ultra Essence

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GoldenPlacenta Ultra Essence

Three core elements for anti-aging – goldpeptide + placenta + caviar

Excellent anti-aging product 

  • Japanese placenta and Spanish “peptide” and “caviar”
  • Upgraded luxurious golden essence brings premium and delicate repair andregenerate the skin
  • Improve the elasticity of the skin and bring a young demeanor

The excellent anti-aging product combinesthree elements with the strongest effects: gold peptide compound, placenta, andcaviar, to solve the issue of aging and replenish necessary nutrition. Theproduct also contains peony, European althaea, ginkgo extracts, combined withhyaluronic acid, placenta, collagen, and collagen synergistic effect, which canrevitalize, repair, and nurse the skin, and completely solve the issue ofaging, such as wrinkles/lack of elasticity/dryness, etc. The product helps rejuvenatethe skin, smooth wrinkles, and bring elastic skin.

Main ingredients: 

Gold, acetyl heptapeptide,roe extract, hyaluronic acid, placenta, collagen, peony, bodhi, chrysanthemums,hollyhock Europe, ginkgo extract, and caviar extract.


Like collagen, it can revitalize,repair, and nurse the skin; effectively smooth wrinkles and bring young anddelicate skin with elastic and watery textures.


Takean appropriate amount of the product and apply it to the face in the morningand at nights after cleansing. 

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