ICE QUEEN Amino acid cleansing foam- Hami Melon (100ml)

  • Model No.:IQ107
  • Made in:Taiwan
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Key Features

Hami melon Foam

The skin friendly amino cleansing can deeply remove the dirt stuck in pores. With the morus alba and fucus extracts, it can maintain moisture and make your skin soft as well as delicate after cleansing.

ICE QUEEN amino acid cleansing foam is fresh and contains rich super micro amino acid. It can thoroughly and rapidly wipe off the aging keratinocyte and the dirt stuck in pores, make your skin breath freely, and the unique fruity fragrance can make you feel fresh and full of energy.

The hami melon has the effects of antioxidant and moisturizing. In this summer, let’s try some hami taste to eliminate the summer heat!

Direction: Take a pea-sized  amount  of  the product and rub it until foam appears, apply the foam to your face and massage a little, then wash it off with lukewarm water.

Main Export Market

AFRICA ,AUSTRALASIA ,Bangladesh ,Bhutan ,Brunei Darussalam ,C-AMERICA ,Cambodia ,EUROPE ,Hong Kong ,India ,Indonesia ,Japan ,Kazakhstan ,Korea, North Korea ,Korea, South Korea ,Lao People's Democratic Republic ,MID-EAST ,Macau ,Mainland China ,Malaysia ,Mongolia ,Myanmar ,N-AMERICA ,Nepal ,Pakistan ,Philippines ,S-AMERICA ,Singapore ,Sri Lanka ,State of Palestine ,Thailand ,Viet Nam

Payment Details

  • Payment Terms:TT ,PayPal
  • Minimum Order:1 Pieces

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