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  • Model No.:BMH46
  • Made In:Taiwan, ROC
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Key Features

About Product

Protect the bottom skin and inhibit aging!

Prevent the face from drooping, and shape the V profile

Anti-looseness; shape the young and tight skin

Suitable for: the skin aged more than 25


Product Description


Biochem Idealift –Protect the bottom skin and inhibit aging!

What is Peptide?

Peptide comprises more than two amino acids, featuring small molecules, quick spread, and better penetration. It is the currently hot ingredients for care of skin in Japan and Korea!  

But be careful! Peptide with larger number is not necessarily better. Peptide with different combination of quantity of amino acids forms different types of links. The difference is due to different functions. They function differently and are relevant.


Main function: tighten the skin.

Apply essential solution directly and massage the face along the profile (such as end of eyes, cheekbones, and chin) from bottom to top; or add it in the essence, lotion or cream in order to increase the effect of care.

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