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The critical step for anti-aging is moisturizing. When the skin cell doesn’t have enough water, the problems dull, wrinkles, and dryness happens. ARWIN Moisturizing Vitamin Spray is fast-acting moisturizing spray; it can supply water to your skin and keep your skin fresh, smooth, moisture, and prevent the problems of dryness and wrinkles. With rich trace elements, it can effectively moisturizing and soothing the skin. Containing vitamin B12, B5, B6 and E, it can supply water to your skin anywhere anytime as well as firm your skin and present you elastic and shiny skin.


Main ingredients: vitaminB12、B5、B6、E



(1) Can be used as toner:

Spray to your face at a distance of 15cm in the morning, evening or anytime necessary; gently pad your face with your palms until the product is absorbed deeply into the skin and make your skin soft. No need to wipe it off.

(2)  Can be used as makeup finishing spray:

      After makeup, spray the product to the puff with proper amount, and pad the wet puff gently on your face to enable the makeup last for longer time.

(3)  Can be used for cleaning and moisturizing outdoors:

      The dust outside makes your skin looks dry and dull?  Apply the Moisturizing Vitamin Spray to y our face, and have the effects of cleaning and moisturizing at one time!

(4)  Can be used for soothing:

Spray the product on pulpy puff and mask the puff on your face, neck, or body, wherever get sun burned, for 5-10 minutes. It can cool down and sooth the skin.

(5)  Can be used as moisturizing mask:

Spray the product on pulpy puffs or masks, and mask your skin to provide intensive moisturizing and repairing, make your skin extremely soft and delicate.



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