Rose Cleansing Foam

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With gentle formula, Rose Cleansing Foam is suitable for adults and children


Washing the face can be an enjoyment! Try the magic effect of amino acids! Rose Cleansing Foam brings tender foam to all types of skin!!

Moisture maintenance and face washing ● With tender foam, Rose Cleansing Foam keeps pores clean and comfortable!


Main ingredients: bran amino acid, alantoin, T.C.C, vitamin E, rose extract, ion hyaluronic acid


Features: weak acidity, similar PH to hydrolipidic film; gently remove the dirt from sebum and pores. Tender foam brings a fresh and comfortable effect on the skin without causing tautness and dryness.


Suitable to: all types of skin


Take an appropriate amount of foam on the palms, add water to gently rub the foam until it bubbles, and massage the face with foam.

  1. Take the amount like a size of coin.
  2. Add a little water and rub hands until it bubbles.
  3. Moisturize the face evenly with tender foam and then massage the skin to remove dirt.
  4. Use slightly mild clean water to cleanse the face.



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