Rose rejuvenate cream

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Key Features

Elegant Pink bringingout your feminine charm Elegance x Charm

Sweet pink, pure, cute, and light,almost bouncy skin/ Peppy skin/ Cute x Youthful

The best matte finishfashionable rose series Pink Fashion, instantly on the runway.

Increases your skin'sabsorption rate, allowing skin care products to be absorbed into the deepestlayers of your skin.


Extra Skin CareFeatures, Double the Benefits

Hand-picked rosepetals, precious extracts, let you say goodbye to the illusion of moisturizationby giving you continuous long-term moisturization and getting rid of dry skinaltogether.

Its unique weak acidbreathable base, it offers mild treatment difficult to find anywhere else,improving seasonal dryness, peeling, and itchiness. The creams ingredients,with added pure gold foil, offers effective skin protection and anti-aging.


Main ingredients: rosewater, rose hip extract, rosa multiflora extract, red angelica extract,carnosine, five-ring peptides, gold foil


Uses: With its uniqueweak acid breathable base, it strengthens skin protection, nourishes, softens,smooths wrinkles, makes your skin glossy, and returns your beautiful, youthfulface.


Application:Rub an appropriate amount onto your fingers, and lightly rub over the entireface.


Different skin typeusage recommendations:

Ordinary skin: Usablein all seasons. It's recommended you use it after applying essences or lotions.

Mildly dry skin:Usable in all seasons. It's specifically recommended you use it after applyingessences or lotions.

Dry skin: Usable inall seasons. It's recommended you use it after applying essences or lotions.

Extremely dry skin:Use in all seasons in every morning and evening after applying essences.

Oily yet dry skin: It's recommended to use every morning and evening inthe winter


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