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A busy lifestyle puts a lot of pressure on your skin, but using a touch of rose fragrance in your skin care routine will relieve the pressures of daily life.

Rose Rejuvenate Essence contains rose hip and red angelica extract, along with multiple anti-aging peptides and gold foil. This activates your skin to enhance its protective properties, reduce and prevent aging, smooth fine lines, whiten,moisturize, soften, and tighten,to bring back radiant, light, and soft skin. In the winter it also strengthens skin repair, increases protection in the summer, and brings out your limitless beauty.

Main ingredients: 

rose water, rose hip extract, rosa multiflora extract, redangelica extract, carnosine, 5-ring peptides, and gold foil


Activates your skin to enhance its protective properties against the environment, while preventing the aging of the skin. It also smoothens wrinkles, whitens,moisturizes, softens and tightens your skin; allowing your skin to return to the state of youthfulness.. 


After applying toner, apply an appropriate amount on your face.

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