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Rose Solid Perfume

  • Model No.:705703
  • Made In:Taiwan, ROC
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Key Features

Rose Solid Perfume

Pleasant and Elegant Rose Aroma Making Joyful and Beloved Feelings


Mild but still charming aroma increases rose fragrance on skin surround you by comfortable, confident and cozy atmosphere anytime. Aroma of top, middle and base notes last 8 hours making the whole day joyful.

Purpose: Adding sweet and lasting rose aroma on skins.

Usage: Put on pulsing parts and behind ears.



Full Love and Patience and Earning The Name “Queen of Flower” and “Queen of Essence Oil”


Rose is also named “Queen of Flower” and “Queen of Essence Oil” with sweet aroma making people full of love and patience. The purest rose aroma can only be collected and extracted after morning dew. Its sweet and classical fragrance won't be thick but as fresh as a tide of roses.