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Key Features

Strengthen the effect of blocking melanin generation, enhance the effect of whitening, and present you the white and shiny skin

Moisture, light, fresh, makes your skin whiteand soft

Present you the long covered white and bright

When the problem of dryness appears on facial skin, it can besolve by varieties of facial skincare products. How about the dryness problemsof body skin?

Nowadays, with the trend of body skin care, more and more peopleare eager to find a kind of moisture and fresh body milk with the effect of whitening.BIOCHEM Whitening Moisture Body Milk is fresh, easy to be applied and absorbed. 

Including Sodium Hyaluronate, collagen, jojoba oil and other moisturizingingredients, this product can form a moisturizing layer over the skin, supplywater, keep the skin moisture all day long and makes the skin delicate, soft,shiny, and firm.

In addition, working with the advanced whitening ingredient,Ascorbyl Glucosid, it effectively block the generation of melanin and has theeffects of whitening, revitalizing, diluting the spot and evening the skintone. The whitening effect is quite excellent, through every layer of skinstructure, it can whiten the skin from the inside out.

Main ingredients

Ascorbyl Glucosid, natural jojoba oil, squalene


The stable ascorbyl Glucosi provides sustainablewhitening effects, the natural jojoba oil and squalene provide sustainabledeeply moisturizing.


Apply to your body with properamount.

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