Whitening Moisture Effect Essence

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New arrival for whitening product! Whitening Moisture Effect Essence

The savior of dullskin with big pores  

This exclusive lipophilic essence provides high moisturizing effect high-absorption ,and protection for the skin

Remove sallow skins x lighten spots x Whitening

Suitable for all types of skin


Product Description

Whitening Moisture Effect Essence

The unique three chromophores + three whitening ingredients allow the tone to become more brightened and natural and improve the tone and texture from the bottom layer of the skin. With lysophosphatic acid and nonapeptides, the product whitens the skin and smooths pores, bringing you whitened, brightened, moisturized and tightened skin.


Ingredients and Effects

Main ingredients: lysophosphatic acid, nonapeptides, tranexamic acid, vitamin C sugar, ethyl vitamin C, color balance hormone, anti-melanin serum, glutathione, layered color balance hormone, hyaluronic acid, vitamin B3 and B5, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate , allantoin, and cyclopeptide-5.

Function: eliminate the abnormal growth of melanin, smooth and repair damaged skin, metabolize coloring, and bring you whitened, brightened, moisturized, younger, and tightened skin.



Take an appropriate amount of the product and apply it to the face in the morning and at nights.

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